Week 8 I can be what I will to be

I’ve been saying this affirmation 20 times a day…sometimes more….ever since we received the assignment to do so.  I must admit many times…most times…I said it only because I’ve been told to.  But something changed this week.  I think of the affirmation several times a day…not just at the times when I read my service card.  I’ve begun to feel the power behind the words as I say them.  I’ve added a little piece to the affirmation too.  After I say it a few times…I really enjoy saying what it is I will to be.  Pieces of my DMP.  I have no problem saying it with enthusiasm….it is always with enthusium.  As I’ve continued to do this this week I’ve noticed my belief in these things coming into my life has risen a lot.  Now if I start to doubt the certainty of it I say  it a few times in this way.  I KNOW the things I’ve written down are coming toward me.  ” I can be what I will to be!”

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1 Response to Week 8 I can be what I will to be

  1. mark j says:

    Very strong material…..I love the KNOW is all caps….

    you’ve got it wired……you ‘get it’…….

    the simplicty of your posts are so no nonsense and spot on, obvious you are growing and changing

    mark j

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