Week 11 I believe!

Several things happened this week that show me the power of believing and how I’m growing and changing.  The first was something I noticed while listening to my goal recording.  I like to listen to it as I fall asleep and have my ipod set so it repeats over and over.  Several nights in a row I noticed I was sleeping and at a certain point in the recording I would wake up with a start and feel very energized and wide awake.  I was able to go back to sleep quickly but wanted to know which affirmation was doing that…I’m pretty sure now it is one that states I am sizzling with energy.  So I believe even more in the power of that tool and am even more committed to listening to it often. 

Something else that happened this week has me believing more….As I sat for the first time thinking about believing that what I asked for was already present in my life one of the things I thought about was wanting a clean organized house since we’re having company early next week.  My week was especially busy.  In fact part of all but one day was spent in activities that were service to others.  The cool thing was that even though I was not spending nearly as much time getting ready for my company as I usually would I was not stressed and was confident that my house would be ready for them on Monday afternoon.  Even more amazing was the fact that my husband started doing some organizing that I’d asked him to do months ago.  And the rest of the house if almost ready too.   All with less effort than I usually put into getting ready for company.  I realize this didn’t happen by magic…there is still action being taken but once you know what you desire is already yours the universe brings to you what you need to have it happen.    At least one other thing I thought about in my quite time this week is starting to look closer to being reality also….cant wait to see how the universe brings it to me.  I believe.

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1 Response to Week 11 I believe!

  1. marketmarkj says:

    Great insight….DONT stop bellllllievinnnnggg!!

    Mark J

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