Week 12 Gratitude and Amazement

Here I am again being grateful for an exercise I started out doing only because it was part of the MKMMA course.   Mark asked us to write down 25 or more things we’ve accomplished in our lives.  It wasn’t too difficult to come up with the first dozen or so but then I had to think a little longer.  I was acknowledging myself for what I’d accomplished and feeling pretty good.  Then I took a look at next weeks assignments and saw we’re to come up with at least 25 more.  I started thinking of some of the things I’ve accomplished just since starting the MKMMA course and I began to get pretty excited.  When I look back I am amazed at myself and so thankful for  Mark and Davene.  Lots of the technical stuff I’ve implemented I never would have tried to do on my own but have done with Davene’s helpful videos.  Thus gratitude toward them and myself for the growth in myself in the last 12 weeks.

The amazement comes when I think about the ways Mark and Davene have put things together .  I’m following through on things I normally wouldn’t follow through on simply because I’ve had successes in the small things and because “I always keep my promises” is now something I say at least 9 times a day. 

So as I wrote down the things I’ve accomplished especially in the past 12 weeks I was filled with excitement and expectation….I can’t wait to see what the next 13 weeks bring into my life….I know it’s gonna be fantastic….thanks again Mark and Davene.

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