Week 14 Pay Attention…

I’m really feeling excitement as I write this blog.  Part of my DMP has already manifested!  And I almost missed it. One of the things I have on my DMP is I enjoy traveling with my family.  I wasn’t specific as to what kind of travel but had in mind something big like a cruise.  Over the holidays my husband and I and 3 of our 4 children traveled 700 miles to visit our son.  This is something we’ve done in the past a couple of times so since it wasn’t anything too different I didn’t think anything of it.  We were also visiting my sister and we enjoyed our whole visit but the day that really seemed the most special was the day we spent with just our 4 children traveling to my son’s work place, his home and around the area that is now his home.  When we returned to my sister’s home and I was reading my DMP and scroll for the last time that day it all of a sudden hit me….I had seriously enjoyed traveling with my family that day.  So the lesson for me was to pay attention to all the ways the universe sends us what we ask for and also to be as specific as possible in the asking.  I have added more details about the ways I enjoy traveling with my family to my DMP and after experiencing the fulfillment I am even more excited and certain that all the things on my DMP are already fulfilled. 

Just a short update to another blog I wrote…in week 11 I wrote about my  husband organizing part of the house after I asked the universe to help me have a cleaner more organized home.  The following week…without me ever asking or mentioning this to my college age son he decided to clean his room…and not only his room.  He went through all of his dresser drawers and his closet and got rid of several bags of clothes which will now be donated to charity.  This is such an empowering way to start the new year and once again shows me how powerful my thoughts and desires are.  I am once again filled with awe and gratitude.

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