Week 15 Substitution and Relaxation

As I looked at the 7 Laws of the Mind again I saw how important the law of practice is for me.  The law of substitution says we can’t think about 2 things at the same time.  This is a valuable thing to know when you’re trying to stop a thought that doesn’t serve you and also a very good thing for me to be reminded of again and again.  I have found myself being more careful in the last 15 weeks while reading the Master Keys to make sure I’m really paying attention to what I’m reading.  If I’m thinking about something else it really isn’t doing me any good to read it. 

The Law of Relaxation is another law I have been practicing and will continue to practice.  When I go to my spot and sit in silence if I try to bring my thoughts to concentration without first making sure I totally relax I really might just as well not be sitting there.  My thoughts are on every topic except the one I’m trying to think about. 

So I’m glad “practice makes perfect”  because I plan on practicing these 7 laws every day.

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