Week 7 Interuptions

I never thought I liked interruptions but this week I’ve come to appreciate them.   We were given the challenge of going on a mental diet from negative thoughts.  So I began and was quickly aware that I wasn’t nearly as positive a person as I thought.  So when  you become aware that you’re thinking a negative thought then if you’re not careful you have another negative thought because you shouldn’t be having the 1st one…it can become a vicious circle.  Mark’s tip of using a pleasant memory to interrupt yourself was very helpful.  I don’t actually have a picture like he does but my memory is of myself and 3 of my sisters and some of our children in the ocean in CA jumping waves.  It usually makes me smile and very quickly the entire negative circle is gone. 

I’ve also been enjoying the interruptions of seeing my shapes all over the house…what a good reminder of my DMP goals and dreams. 

So I’ve decided I like the right kind of interuptions…those that are helping to re-train my subconscious mind.

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Week 6 It’s all about LOVE

I am really enjoying this second scroll.  It gives me a thrill every time I read it.  I’ve been practicing telling people I meet I love them in my mind.  I’ve noticed something interesting….that thought doesn’t only change the way others respond to me….it changes the way I respond to them to.  I really feel more love for them and things that would usually irritate or bother me just don’t.  So I’m coming to understand it really is all about love.  ” I will greet this day with love in my heart.”  Thanks Og.

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Week 5- I’ve been to a wonderful place

I’ve returned to a wonderful place while sitting for my 15 minutes the last couple of days.  I love the ocean and beach so that’s where I chose to go.  We’ve been having some very cold, cloudy, windy days here in Minnesota…even a little snow already so at first it was a little difficult to feel the warmth of the sun but when I got there it was a wonderful, invigorating experience to actually feel the warmth of the sun and even see the golden color of the sun through my eyelids.  Our thoughts are so powerful and this experience has made me realize again just how powerful.  Gives me encouragement and excitement knowing my thoughts are already bringing me back to my favorite beach again.  And also bringing about the other things I desire.

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Week 4…I Quit!

Just finished watching the 2 videos up on Mark’s blog and I Quit….I quite giving 75-85% and I’m giving 100%.  100% enthusiasm in my reading of my DMP, service card and the scroll.  I must admit that even though I’ve read all of those 3 times every day it hasn’t always been with enthusiasm…no more…I want to creat new neuro-nets that will bring about my DMP.

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Week 3 of Master Keys almost over

With week 3 almost over I’m beginning to feel like things are starting to “seep” into my subconscious mind.  It truly is an amazing thing isn’t it…the way it all works.  Still working on the sitting still, restricting thought and now relaxing.  Some days go better than others but I’m encouraged to keep practicing by the flashes of power I feel from my solar plexus.  I’m beginning to understand how much I’ve been limiting the power that is available to all of us.

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Week 2…yay for habits

We all know we have habits and most usually think only on the bad habits…I’m grateful today for good habits.  I’ve know for a while that the subconscious mind could not determine true or false and was always a little discouraged because I didn’t know how to replace things that were not serving me that my subconscious had accepted as truth.  I love #23 in out master key this week…so encouraging to know these wrong thoughts and habits can be replace with good habits and thought through repetition.  As Mandino says ” I will form good habits and become their slave”

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Week 1 WOW and THANK You Mark and Davene

my reaction to my still time this morning can only be WOW.  For some reason it was more difficult to be still and I was so aware of how many hundreds of thoughts I have every minute.  As I tried to restrict my thoughts as instructed, toward the end of my time my thoughts were suddenly focused on my DMP which I’d been struggling with a little.  By the way thanks for your help Davene.  Anyway as soon as my time of stillness was finished I immediately hurried to write my DMP again….I feel such energy when I read it now….may need some more tweeking but its closer now…So just wanted to encourage everyone to keep up the sitting still part of our assignment…it’s well worth the effort.

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The morning after MKMMA

After the first MKMMA call last night I was feeling pretty overwhelmed but filled out my OATS and went to bed….this morning I have started to do the assignments and feel so excited.  There is such power in reading my DMP out loud and the rest of it.  Can’t wait to see how things begin manifesting in my life.

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