Week 10 onward to scroll 3

I really loved reading scroll 2 throughout the 30 days.  I was looking forward to going on the scroll 3…but was kinda disappointed after I read it the first time.  After thinking about it for a little while I realised it might be because I was only looking at what I thought I would have to do to succeed.  Scroll 3 tells us we must persist to succeed.  That somehow sounded like hard work to me.  But I continued to read it 3 times a day…after all I always keep my promises and I’d promised to read it 3 times a day.  At the end of the 3rd day as I read the scroll aloud I suddenly got a completely different feeling about this scroll.  I was feeling a sense of hope and encouragement.  And also feeling much more empowered.  All I have to do to succeed is persist!  After all that’s what I’ve been doing already.  If I wasn’t persisting I would never have enrolled in the MKMMA course.  I am also appreciating more and more how Mark and Davene have included so many different ways of learning into the course..bombarding my thoughts from all directions.  So…I will persist until I succeed and I will win.

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